Garden Healing

garden healing

backyard vegetables

He watched her move between the rows of tomatoes and potatoes in the early morning sun. The dew from the dawn clung to her flowing sun dress and made it cling to her legs.

Her face was shining from the inside. Even from the window of the kitchen that glow warmed his heart. She was in a different world out in the garden, a world where only new sprouts, sporadic weeds, and the bounty of backyard vegetables mattered to her. The rest of the world was left behind and forgotten. At least for awhile.

He took a last drink of coffee and put on his wide brimmed hat. The joy and relief given by the most mundane and simplest of chores lit his face as well. The backyard garden healed their troubles, repaired their wounded souls, and gave hope to their shattered lives. The oldest of activities, farming, had given them back more of their lives than any doctor or pills could ever have.

backyard garden

She turned and smiled at him as he stepped into the row behind her, between the little corn stalks and the sunflowers. He grinned back and walked to her. They embraced in the middle of the little garden. Not a soul in the world saw or cared about them at that very moment. The world fell away and left only the loving coupleā€¦and the ever watchful scarecrow.