Easy Bathroom Decorating Ideas On A Budget

bathroom decorating ideas

Our bathrooms are one of the most important areas that we spend so much time for ourselves. There are plenty of homeowners who prefer to make their bathrooms luxurious, functional and inviting.

When planning out a home improvement project for your bathroom, you should think of a design plan that is practical and really efficient. If you are looking for ways on how to glam up your bathroom, you have come to the right place!  We have plenty of suggestions on easy bathroom decorating ideas on a budget. Below are some of the design ideas to improve your bathroom’s appearance:

Most houses today have small bathrooms. You can recreate a wider bathroom through the use of lively patterns for your floor. You can experiment with cement tiles in your bathroom which is an affordable home improvement project. You can make use of sealers to make the colors last and protect it from the damage of penetrating water.

bathroom cement tile

You do not have to tear down your tiles to make your bathroom walls look better. All you have to do is find affordable wallpaper that you can cover up some areas. Especially if you are dealing with the area near your sink, you should find wallpaper that is waterproof. There are a lot of PVC wallpapers which are self-adhesive. You simply peel off the backing and you are good to go.

Learn where you can save on space for your bathroom.  A big tub can be a perfect sanctuary for you to unwind and relax during a bath. Thus, you can make space saving efforts elsewhere. You can incorporate your storage spaces through built-in shelves and cabinets into the wall. Perhaps you can do it behind the tub for various toiletries, products or towels. Additionally, you can also make use of fixture which comes with storage.

For smaller bathrooms, you should choose a sliding door. You can choose to install a door on a rail which can stay parallel with your walls even when you open it.

bathroom sliding door

You can explore untraditional shower curtains. You can look for patterns and colors that will complement your bathroom interiors. Find a curtain that is similar to a drape. This will make your bathroom appear chic and sophisticated. You will also make shower time feel like your space to unwind and relax.

Another design element you can use for your bathroom is an oval mirror. This is perfect for taller people but the design makes things appear stretched upwards. Thus, they create an illusion that the ceilings are taller and the room is spacious.