Martha Stewart: The Empire and Beyond

“All the things I love are what my business is all about.” – Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart is the undisputed goddess of everything home. From her first book, Entertaining, to her monthly magazine Living, to her daily television show, to her recent release of a full home decor line at Macy’s, she has the corner of the home market. So what can we learn about Home Management from Martha?

Martha Stewart: The Website

Let’s take a look at Martha Stewart’s website. The site has 10 main tabs: Food, Entertaining, Holidays, Home & Decorating, Crafts, Gardening, Weddings, Kids, Health and Community.

Under Home & Decorating are the following tab/topics: Decorating 101, Decorating by Room, Accents and Details, Painting, Organizing, Homekeeping, Clotheskeeping, Maintaining, Home Improvement & Repairs, and Good Things.

All of these sections offer plentiful information, excellent photographs, and countless helpful tips on a wide variety of home and garden subjects.

Martha Stewart: Learning More

You can learn a great deal about your home-related topic of choice on Martha’s site. For example, under Homekeeping, you can watch a video on Closet Organization, learn how to create a space for organizing family items or even see a photo gallery on how to welcome guests to your home.

The main Home & Decorating page offers tips on keeping clutter under control, creating a welcoming foyer for your home, and clever ways to reuse things you already own.

Martha Stewart: Other Good Things

The other categories on the site include numerous creative home project ideas. You can learn how to make a nautical map tray, how to create holiday homemade craft projects (like a pistachio wreath!), how to antique a mirror, and of course the home basics: ironing, folding, storing clothes, stain removal, and on and on. You name it, you can learn more about how to do it- all in one place.

Martha Stewart: The Past

You can’t write an article about Martha Stewart without mentioning her time in jail. While it seems from a public relations standpoint it might have been better if she were more forthcoming and apologetic, Martha Stewart played the issue as she does most things: tight-lipped. You don’t see a lot of drama from Martha: drama would not have helped her get as far as she has in her career. She did her time, and she moved on: she got right back to work. TV, radio, print: the triple media crown also includes the very brightly shining jewel of her website. Whatever mistakes she’s made in the past have only served to humanize her a bit- for her devoted, loyal fans, her ability to rule the home and garden roost has never changed.

Martha Stewart: Words of Wisdom

And some final words of home & garden wisdom, directly from Martha Stewart herself:

“Life is too complicated not to be orderly.”