Gutter Guards And Gutter Cleaning In Winter

Gutter cleaning during winter can be a problem especially during winter. There are a number of complications that come about when there is heavy snowing. Ice dams and ice buildups are a common problem to most home owners as gutters can buckle under the heavy pressure of the ice buildup and ice dams can flood the downspouts. Most cases of ice dams and ice buildups are due to debris that has collected over time and was not cleared off before the snowfall. The use of gutter guard can go a long way in keeping gutters from flooding and snow build up.

Which gutter guard?

There are numerous gutter guards out in the market but not all of them are the best for winter. A gutter guard that doesn’t allow snow buildup by melting snow as it falls will also prevent snow dams from manifesting keeping the downspouts free from flooding. This means that whenever you are looking for gutter guards, you must ensure that you choose them according to the season. If you have already installed metallic gutter guards in your home, you may need to replace them during the winter.

Nylon gutter guards are known to the best for winter. They are designed in such a way than no snow buildup or ice dams will occur. There are other gutters guards that can be installed to keep debris away from the gutters not necessarily during the winter season but before the snow starts to fall.

Note that nylon gutter guards can get damaged easily, and this is the primary reason they should be          installed by a professional. Besides, if they are not well-installed, they might not be effective especially when the snow comes.

Gutter cleaning

Cleaning the gutter before the winter season will go a long way to save you from the problematic snow dams and snow build up. It is true that gutter guards can keep debris away from the gutter saving you from having to do frequent cleanups but that does not mean you have to neglect cleaning all together. Do frequent inspections to make sure that the functioning of the gutter guards is not hampered by too much debris piling and not falling off the gutter guard.

When winter sets in, you don’t have to neglect your gutters. Instead, keep a close eye on them. Otherwise, you may end up repairing or reinstalling the entire gutter system at the end of winter.