How to Build a Fire Pit

Fire pits are a great addition to any backyard. You can toast delicious treats over an open flame, enjoy an evening with friends, and extend your outdoor activities into the cooler season. There are many pre-made pits you can purchase, but building your own is relatively simple. With just a few tools and materials, you can turn your yard into the ultimate outdoor entertainment spot. Follow these instructions to learn how to build your own fire pit.

Getting Started

The first thing you need to do is look into local ordinances or guidelines that dictate or restrict fire pit placement. You don’t want to start the building process only to be told you can’t use your new fire pit. Then, pick a location best suited for an open flame. Ideally, that’s not near any brush, too close to your house, or somewhere it could affect the neighbors. The last thing to do before you start is gather the necessary materials.

What You’ll Need

50 Basic wall block for a fire pit – actual number may vary

1 fire pit bowl

1 fire pit grate

1 starter log

Building the Fire Pit

Start by measuring the diameter of your fire pit bowl to determine how many wall block you’ll need. As a rule of thumb, 70 block creates a fire pit that’s 4’ in diameter. Then, place the first layer of block on the ground, sitting them as closely together as possible. You can leave the bowl on the ground for this first layer to ensure you build the appropriate size. Next, add the second and third layers on top of the first, staggering the joints for strength. Three rows of blocks should create an adequate height. If you’re not utilizing a fire pit bowl, you must line the inside of the fire pit with fire proof brick. If you have a bowl, it’s safe to now insert it into the pit, hanging the lip of the bowl on the edge of the block. Now it’s time to add the grate. You can choose an option that cover the entire fire pit, including the block, or one that covers just bowl. The last finishing touches are adding a fire, some seating, and your friends and family.

Starting a Fire

Purchase a starter log and add a few other logs to the bowl. Logs will go over or under the grate, depending on why kind you purchased. Light the starter log and watch your first fire in your new fire pit appear. For added safety precautions, invest in a screen to cover the fire. Clear the ashes regularly for the best burn. Now you’re ready to enjoy your DIY fire pit.

Practical Bathroom Remodel Ideal on a Budget

The bathroom is one of the places we spend time with ourselves. There are homeowners who would want to have a gorgeous bathroom without spending too much. Well, there are indeed bathroom remodel ideas on a budget. All you have to do is to find the best upgrading the interiors that will be suitable for your bathroom size and dimension.

To help you with your bathroom improvement projects, here are some ideas to thing about:

You can make your bathroom more organized and tidy. You simply install a shower shelf. You can store your toiletries and other supplies in this storage space. You will have less clutter in your bathroom and you will know exactly where you placed your items. Just visit a home store in your local area and look for shelves. Purchase an all-purpose adhesive and let it set for 24 hours. This will only cost you roughly around 20$.

One way of upscaling your bathroom is through the installation of new plumbing fixtures. You can install new shower or faucet that can easily make your bathroom look better. You will find a lot of remodelling kits in the market when you are changing your shower. This will save you from all the hassle.

Measure the vanity footprint you have in your bathroom. When you bathrooms are built, vanities are often installed before the flooring. This would simply mean that your floorings will end at your vanity. Your vanity is important as it will take all the beatings from the bathroom humidity and water spills of everyday use. Thus, a new cabinetry will surely make a dramatic and significant improvement.

Take a look at your hardware in your bathroom. They might need upgrading too. You can upgrade your handles with modern design. You can replace any exposed hinges as well. You can make use of knobs with handles and install back plates to cover the ugly holes. You will find a lot of selections for knobs that will go very well with your interiors.

Your bathroom space needs repainting as well. Determine the new paint that will make your bathroom brighter and homey. Your ceiling must be white.. This will make your room appear spacious and bigger. You can make use of eggshell or satin finish for your bathroom wall. They are very easy to clean and will not show any form of imperfection on your wall. However, before you go crazy painting your bathroom; secure a test sample from your local paint store. They provide paint samples so you can appreciate the color before you purchase in bulk. You will appreciate the true colors before you paint the entire bathroom.