The Basics On Japanese Lantern For Garden

One of the most interesting things about Japan is the country’s love for nature. The culture and tradition of Nippon has been shaped by the diversity of its natural resources. One of the most promising and significant symbol of “The Land of the Rising Sun” is their very own Japanese zen garden. When you have the opportunity to visit this part of Asia, you will definitely agree that there is a distinct sense of peace and serenity that radiates from a Japanese garden. The ornaments that they use for their gardens are really functional and symbolic in nature. One of the most prominent attribute of a Japanese garden is their design plan which includes various elements in the environment.

When you speak about decorating their gardens, the Japanese people are much inclined into the traditional and figurative decors to represent their kin. Most of the designs f may include a beautiful Japanese lantern for garden. For over thousands of years, Japanese gardens make us of lanterns, water fountains and basins as well as bamboo hammers to recreate a serene haven in their homes.

Japanese lantern for garden are basically made from stone. The homeowners would usually find a strategic location in their garden for the lantern. These lanterns will serve as guide for them and their visitors. In the ancient times, tea masters made use of lanterns to assist their guests in finding pathways going towards the temple. Lanterns are very important because most of the ceremonies are held during the night time. For home owners, a stone lantern is a functional source of light which creates magical ambiance as their guests enter their humble abode.

The light which radiates from a garden lantern is not glaring at all. The delicate and soft ray of light awakens that beautiful sense of tranquillity as night time falls. Aside from its aestheric beauty, the Japanese garden lantern effectively improves the surroundings with its tranquil character.

If you are thinking of buying a Japanese lantern for your garden, finalize your design plan first. You should determine the proper placement of the stone lantern which can maximize its aesthetic appeal and functionality. You can definitely make use of the stone lantern as a focal point for your garden. Try combining it with your water basin or fountain. The calm flowing of the fountain and the stillness of the basin stirs a mystical element that only a Japanese garden can exude. This ornament may appear to be simple but its artistic value is beyond compare.

A Japanese garden lantern is usually made from stone. A natural mood of ruggedness and strength radiates all throughout the garden. The natural character of the stone inspires strength and resilience which Japanese people are known to be. They are able to withstand decades of natural disasters, season changes and the many challenges that their own country has been through.

Lastly, a garden lantern is hand-crafted. It is made with the labor of love by an artisan with years of experience.